Investor Relations

Corporate Overview

(As of March 31, 2020)

Head Office 19-18, Sakurada-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya 456-8511, Japan
Date of foundation June 26, 1922
Capital ¥33,072 million
Number of employees 2,764

Main Businesses

  1. Gas business
  2. Heat supply business
  3. Electricity supply business
  4. Development, sales and purchase of natural gas and other energy resources
  5. Production, transportation and sale of such high-pressure gases as LNG, LPG, and liquefied carbon dioxide
  6. Sale of coke, tar and crude oil products, and the production and sale of such diverse chemical industrial products as methanol and plasticizer
  7. Production and sale of gas, air-conditioning, kitchen and plumbing equipment and home appliances
  8. Sale of paving materials, automobiles, daily sundries and foodstuffs
  9. Design, administration and construction for civil engineering, construction, wiring, piping and machinery projects
  10. Design, production and sale of equipment for prevention of air and water pollution and treatment of waste, as well as soil reclamation projects
  11. Buying and selling, leasing and management of real estate
  12. Data processing and provision services business, and production, sale and lease of computer hardware and software
  13. Security business, and sales and lease of security and disaster prevention equipment
  14. Management of cooking classrooms, cultural classrooms and sport facilities, restaurant business and travel agent proxy business based on the Travel Agency Law
  15. General leasing and financing
  16. Non-life insurance agency business, life insurance soliciting business
  17. Surveys, research and consulting for all of the above
  18. All other business related to the above

Service area

54 cities, 21 towns and 1 village in Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures