Environment Report


Toho Gas Group Sustainability Policy

The Toho Gas Group Sustainability Policy was formulated to ensure that all of our stakeholders can easily and fully understand our approach to attaining a sustainable operating stance.
We are committed to working with stakeholders to achieve a sustainable world through Group operations, including ensuring the stable supply of quality energy in an environmentally sound manner.

Toho Gas Group Sustainability Policy

The Toho Gas Group contributes to a sustainable society through the stable supply of environmentally friendly energy and the co-creation of new value.

  • We contribute to a better "future" through the optimal provision of diverse kinds of energy and the creation of new value for lives and businesses, thus promoting development alongside the region.
  • We contribute to the reduction of environmental impact, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We promote business activities with respect for human rights and strive to prevent and mitigate adverse human rights impacts.
  • By enhancing a comfortable working environment that respects health and safety, and by fostering challenges and actions, we stimulate the growth of our organization and human resources.
  • We strive to enhance systems for conducting our business properly and efficiently and promote business activities with integrity, in compliance with laws and the spirit of the law.


Toho Gas Group has specified key issues evaluated for both their economic and social value as materiality.