What should you do when...

When an earthquake has occurred

What should I do when an earthquake occurs?
First, ensure your own safety. When the shaking stops, immediately extinguish all flames!

When you feel the first seismic shock

1.First, ensure your own safety.

Secure your position in a safe place such as underneath a desk or table.

2.Immediately put out fire

When the shaking stops, quickly extinguish the flames of gas equipment, and close the gas line taps and equipment taps.

3.Check for the odor of gas.

After you have quenched all flames, check to see if you smell gas.

4.Before using gas again.

After you have confirmed that the gas supply and exhaust equipment have not been disconnected and have not fallen out of position, and if you detect no gas odor, then open the gas line taps and equipment taps to use gas equipment. If the red lamp on the Intelligent Gas Meter is flashing, gas supply has stopped.
Use the resetting procedure to operate the Intelligent Gas Meter.