Toho Gas Group

(As of March 31, 2020)

Gas Business

Company name Main business
Toho Gas Customer Service Co., Ltd. Trustee business of reading gas meter and collecting charges in gas business
Mizushima Gas Co., Ltd. Gas and LPG business in Okayama prefecture

Gas Appliance Sales and Related Construction

Company name Main business
Toho Gas Techno Co., Ltd. Construction of gas pipes, paving and road repair
Sales and installation of gas equipment etc.

LPG and other Energies

Company name Main business
Toho Liquefied Gas Co., Ltd. LPG business
Sales of coke and petroleum products
Yamasa Sohgyou Co.,Ltd. LPG business
Sales of housing equipment


Company name Main business
Toho Gas Safety Life Co., Ltd. Safty management of gas equipment
Toho Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. Engineering of gas production plants
Comprehensive utility service business
Toho Gas Living Co., Ltd. Sales of housing equipment
Design and construction of residential
buildings; expansion and renovation
Toho Real Estate Co., Ltd. Leasing and management of real estate
Management of sports facilities etc.
Toho Gas Information System Co., Ltd. Data processing services
System engineering
Toho Service Co., Ltd. Car sales, lease and maintenance
Leasing of equipment item
Insurance agency
Travel agency
Toho LNG Shipping Co., Ltd. Lending of LNG ships
Toho Gas Australia Pty. Ltd. Oil and gas explorartion and development in Australia

Note:The number of consolidated subsidiaries,including the above major affiliated companies is 31.