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Toho Gas Group Human Rights Policy

Toho Gas Group Human Rights Policy

The Toho Gas Group Human Rights Policy is based on the Toho Gas Group Sustainability Policy, and is designed to promote the respect of human rights in business activities.

Toho Gas Group Human Rights Policy


The Toho Gas Group establishes the "Toho Gas Group Human Rights Policy" (hereafter referred to as "this policy") and promotes initiatives for respecting human rights.
This policy is based on the "Toho Gas Group Sustainability Policy" and was determined with the approval of the Board of Directors of Toho Gas Co., Ltd.

1.Our View on Respecting Human Rights

We support and respect international norms on human rights, including the United Nations "International Bill of Human Rights" and the International Labor Organization (ILO) "Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work". We also strive to practice the United Nations "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights".
The officers and employees of the Toho Gas Group will promote initiatives for the respect for human rights based on this policy. We also expect our business partners to support this policy.

2.Applicable Laws

We will comply with the laws applicable in the countries and regions where we conduct our business activities. If there is a contradiction between internationally recognized human rights and the laws of each country and region, we will pursue ways to respect internationally recognized human rights standards.

3.Respecting Human Rights in Business Activities

In our business activities, we respect human rights and strive to prevent and mitigate adverse human rights impacts as follows:

  1. 3-1
    We will respond sincerely to our customers and strive to ensure safety and to improve quality.
  2. 3-2
    If the adverse human rights impacts by business partners or other stakeholders is directly related to the business, products, or services of the Toho Gas Group, we will request our business partners to prevent and mitigate such impact.
  3. 3-3
    We will respect the human rights of employees and strive to enhance and sustain a healthy and comfortable workplace.
  4. 3-4
    We will understand the impact of our business activities on the local area and strive for coexistence with the local community.

4.Human Rights Due Diligence

Through ongoing efforts to build and implement a system of human rights due diligence, we strive to identify and assess the adverse impacts of our business activities on human rights, and take measures to prevent or mitigate these risks.


If it becomes clear that our business activities have adversely affected, or contributed to, human rights, we will strive for remediation through appropriate procedures.

6.Dialogue and Consultation

We will strive for dialogue and consultation to address potential and actual impact on human rights.

7.Education and Awareness

We will carry out ongoing education and awareness activities to deepen correct understanding and recognition of human rights.

8.Information Disclosure

We will disclose our efforts to respect human rights based on this policy through websites and other means.