What should you do when...

When gas is not being supplied

Can I do the resetting operation myself?
Yes, you can. When the gas supply has stopped, you can reset the microcomputer controlled gas meter, Intelligent Gas Meter using the following procedures.

Intelligent Gas Meter reset operation

When the gas supply has stopped and the red lamp on the Intelligent Gas Meter is blinking, reset the meter as follows.

1.Shut off all gas equipments

Shut off the gas line taps and gas equipment taps, or turn off the operation switches, and close all gas equipments. Turn pilot lights off, too.

2.Intelligent Gas Meter operation 1

Manually turn the cap of the reset button to the left and remove the cap.

3.Intelligent Gas Meter operation 2

Slowly push the reset button in until it stops, then immediately release it.

4.Completion of resetting

When the red lamp of the meter starts blinking, replace the cap and wait about 3 minutes.
The red lamp will blink slowly.
During this period, the Intelligent Gas Meter checks safety. When the red lamp stops blinking, you can use the gas.

The Intelligent Gas Meter automatically shuts off gas in the following cases.

  • Major earthquake with seismic intensity 5 or greater
  • Leakage of large volume of gas
  • When gas is used for an unusually long time, such as when you have forgotten to shut off gas equipments

    Caution: This will not prevent excessive boiling of water or the burning of pots.

  • When gas pressure has dropped
  • When only a trace of gas has leaked, the Intelligent Gas Meter does not shut down gas supply but the red lamp on the meter blinks.
  • The Intelligent Gas Meter cannot completely prevent all gas leakages and gas accidents.
  • The Intelligent Gas Meter is not intended to prevent "tempura fires", a fire caused by overheated tempura oil used in deep-fried cooking. It is also not intended to prevent "combustion-gas poisoning accidents".
  • The Intelligent Gas Meter cannot cope with gas leakage that has occurred on the upstream side, gas supply side, of the meter.